10 Insights Gleaned from 41 Interviews in the Bay Area during the Pandemic

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If there’s anything worse than a global pandemic, it is being jobless during a worldwide pandemic. During March 2020, I found myself unemployed and anxious to secure a new job. My company had just been acquired prior to Covid, so luckily I was not exposed to the trauma of being laid off or furloughed. I was fortunate to have been given almost half a year’s notice that our team was going to be laid off by the end of February 2020.

When the time rolled around at…

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Lunar New Year is the largest holiday for the Asian American community that begins this Friday, February 12. Different Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year such as Vietnam’s Tet, China’s Chun Jie, Korea’s Seollal, Tibet’s Losar Festival. The Chinese diaspora in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, and Thailand also celebrate this holiday.

Celebrations include spending time with family and loved ones, cleaning the home, and lighting firecrackers. Red is considered lucky and many houses will be decorated with red lanterns or paper cutouts. Children will be given red envelopes full of money to grant them good luck and prosperity…

Bling Empire — Image from Netflix

As a fervent viewer of reality TV and second-generation Chinese American, I was glad to see faces that resembled mine on Netflix’s big screen. I have seen my share of reality TV due to COVID-19 and this one was strangely relatable even though the leads’ lifestyles are lavish and incredibly over the top. Rather than the pettiness being a prevalent theme and as the sole appeal of the show, the pettiness was sprinkled throughout the series; I would say the pettiness peaked mostly in the first episode with Anna making name-tag switches last minute as a snub to Christine. What…


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